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Victorian Women Writers – Slideshow

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queen-victoriaThe name of Victorian Age comes from Queen Victoria (1819−1901). The era was preceded by the Georgian period and succeeded by the Edwardian period.

The way of life changed completely: A way based on the ownership of land to a modern urban economy based on trade and manufacturing. This was a time of progress.

The imperialism: this is a country of traders, new dominios appeared. More than a quarter of the world was British. Britain also had a very important fleet, which carry the goods to the metropolitan.


  • Middle clases emerge.
  • Development of science (Darwin’s Theory of Evolution).
  • Industrial sociey (migration from country to town).
  • Political reforms (male vote).
  • Working class wretched (child labour).
  • Religious movements (social reforms).
  • The “novel” consolidates.


She became queen of England and Ireland when she was very young. She married with Prince Albert who was her cousin. They had 9 children. Victoria was the daughter of Prince Edward and the granddaugther of the King George III.

Her reign  was the longest in the history of England; with 64 years.

She boost the peace, and the stability in all the Imperium.


The victorian novel was written to entertain middle classes (middles classes adquired  power, they had a lot of weight in society).

They were idealized portraits  of the society. They narrated in a realistic way their dificult lifes. In its, the perseverance, the love and virtue wil be rewarded. They tended to be of an improving nature with a central moral lesson at heart.

The novel evolutioned during the century, changing her caracteristics.

Victorian novels is concerned with social reforms (child labour, compulsory education..).

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