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The use of mobile phone at school: Should be forbidden?

the-use-of-mobile-phones-at-schoolNowadays we are in a digital world where content is available almost anywhere at any time. The new era of smartphones can surf the Internet, send mails, have an instant conversation, and a large list of features that is increasing every day.  Most schools have rules about using cell phones, actually they are allowed to have them but they mustn’t use it in classes. Should mobile phones be banned in schools? Will improve the behavior?

First of all, we have to know that one of the most important goals in school is preparing students for adult life.  So, if we are preparing students for a life after school, we should prepare them using the stuff of that life. What is more the use of technology in our times will be even stronger.

The greatest advantage is the fact smartphones are a way of future. We are able to do a lot of tasks such as look up the encyclopedia, easier than look between more than twenty volumes; moreover actually we most probably find outdated information in them. In Spain, the educational budgets are lower than they have ever been. In order to fight it students could bring their own device to school.  A majority of students have ready access to cell phones and these can be used for free in schools with responsible use. For example these gadgets can be used to look up for information about Maths, Science… and also to receive content from the teacher such as homework, extra info or next exams dates.

On the other hand, mobile phones can distract students if they are used with an irresponsible use, teachers have to control the students because they can use them to play games, record videos or listen to music without his approval.

Many people claim that not everyone has equal access to such technology as mobile phones.  They are expensive!  If we allow students to bring cell phones and 95% of the students can afford to do so…what about that 5%? This can create a very inequitable situation based upon a variety of reasons. Besides, some people agree that texting with mobile phones can produce a bad writing habit;  what is more, many will argue that by allowing mobile phones in schools we are encouraging poor writing and grammar ability.

I am heartily convinced that we need to introduce smartphones in our schools, we are in a technological period, and we have to squeeze all the mobile possibilities. Moreover, teachers have to know how to use them and stop watching smartphones as an enemy and start watching them as a very powerful tool.

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